Tuesday, March 24, 2009

these MUST be done....MY BUCKET LIST. =]

This was interesting. It was kind of hard to narrow it down to 5... These are in no particular order in which they should be done... but they are on the top of my list. =]

Learn to Survive in the Alaskan Wilderness
Its something that a lot of people would think I wouldn't be able to do.... which they are probably right lol... but its something that i would want to accomplish to prove them wrong... And Alaska looks like a beautiful place to go to be one with nature. lol

Befriend a Celebrity.
Haha... A girl can dream. lol .... I just think that it would be cool to personally know someone famous. lol

Backpack across Europe.
Spain, Italy , France, Germany... Places I have to go to one day.... If i don't I just might cry a little. hehe =]

Visit all 50 states
You can live in America all your life and not really see what everything looks like. =] There's a lot of historical places to be seen in this country.

Be in a Movie.
I just want to be in a movie. lol.... Lights, Camera, Action, baby... i live for the spotlight. lol ... YUPS. =]

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